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15th-Mar-2020 04:02 pm(no subject)

friends only.

comment to be added.
16th-Jul-2014 11:09 am - the pattern is a system or a maze.
of course it's complicated, if it wasn't i probably wouldn't be interested in you.
25th-May-2014 02:26 pm(no subject)
"There are moments, when you’re getting to know someone, when you realize something deep and buried in you is deep and buried in them, too. It feels like meeting a stranger you’ve known your whole life."
23rd-May-2014 12:58 am(no subject)
It's hard to tell here, but I got really sunburnt today.
17th-May-2014 11:34 pm - may 17th, 2014.
hey guys. i've had a rough few days. ki-rin has been really really sick and it's been so hard to watch. i've cried so much since i took him to the vet on friday. i knew that he was lethargic, but i didn't know how bad his blood work actually was. his red blood cell count was 5%, and it's supposed to be 45%. not good. i spent the entire night yesterday watching him to make sure that he was still breathing. this morning he peed himself and i thought he was going to die, his breathing was so labored. he's been doing better since then, though. he got up and got himself water, took himself to the bathroom and he even ate! he ate. so good. the steroids are going to help him. the only problem is, it's expensive. :/ i spent almost $300 on this last vet visit, and it's $300 i don't really have. a few of my friends have been making gofundme pages for people to help them pay for medical/other things so i made one for ki-rin. i figure it can't hurt? i don't know who even reads my journal anymore but i'm trying to post it everywhere, so i'm going to post the link here.

seriously, anything could help me tremendously. it would mean that i could keep helping ki-rin stay healthy. <3
7th-May-2014 09:26 pm - May 7th, 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.24.46 PM

Still waiting on one more grade (CSD 336 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders) but it's an A, too. Those 2 A+ grades are not only A+, but they are actually 100%. I missed 0 points in 2 of my classes.
6th-Apr-2014 05:45 pm - april 6th 2014.
hi i am a failure who can't get into grad school LET'S BE FRIENDS
27th-Mar-2014 06:20 pm - march 27th.
i'm better! mostly. my back still really hurts, but that's okay. i have lots of drugs to make me feel better, lol.
i've been only eating bread and bananas and other really bland foods for the past few days so yesterday i went to panera and got dinner for andy and me. i got him a tuna salad sandwich and i got a cup of tomato soup and a half of a "bravo bacon turkey" sandwich, which was just turkey, bacon, gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion with some mayo-based sauce, i think. whatever it was, it doesn't matter, the sandwich was SO GOOD. i was in heaven, haha. i don't think i have ever been so excited to just eat a

i'm still waiting to hear back from grad schools, sort of. i'm wait listed at 3 of the schools that i applied to (i didn't get into the other 3) and i am pretty much just playing the waiting game. i'm waiting for hear from 2 schools that are in-state and then one school that is out of state. i would really love to go to the out of state school because i would be close to my sister, but it would be so expensive and i would have to leave andy. if i get into a school here, that'd be great. i dunno. we'll see.

24th-Mar-2014 10:25 pm - march 23rd.
i have spent the last 48+ hours curled up in my bed with the worst stomach virus ever. it was so bad my parents thought i could have had a kidney stone, and the doctor thought appendicitis. i was vomiting all day saturday and i had this horrible pain in my back that made it hurt to even take a breath. luckily, my doctor prescribed me some amazing pain killers to keep me sane. i'm starting to feel better finally, but i am only allowed to drink "clear liquids" and eat really bland things, like bananas or jello.

my kitty has been with me for all of this, being the sweetest best kitty in the world! i love him so much, <3.

ALSO: I am starving I AM SO HUNGRY gatorade and bananas are not very filling and that's really all i've been able to eat

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